We are located at: 45 South French Broad Avenue in Downtown Asheville

Tel: 828-255-8858



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If you are interested in becoming a vendor here are a few facts:

  • We rent booth space at $1.35/SQ Foot (Example: a 10 x 10 space would be $135.00/per month).  We take 15% of sales.  We charge sales tax and pay it for you.
  • The smallest space we rent is a 5×5 space.
  • We require a a vendor agreement but the commitment is month to month.
  •  We are now looking for crafters, artists, makers of new and inventive wares, geekery competitively priced home-wares, decorative items, practical goods and antiques.
  • We are not a flea market.
  • We need to know what you are going to sell, so pictures and examples of art, craft, up-cycled goods or your inventory is essential.  You make an appointment with us to come down to the DTM and show us your ideas or you can email us pictures and a description.
  • We are a community and though you do not need to be in your booth to sell things we welcome vendors to be at the market which adds life and interaction between vendors and customers.  We all participate in making the market a welcoming, cheerful, colorful and cooperative environment for each other and our customers.
  • We have vendor meet and greets each month.
  • We advertise and hold monthly events to promote our vendors as well as community partners, non-profits and local services.
  • We welcome buskers and entertainers to come and do their thing inside the market for tips!
New Vendor Form Below!

The Downtown Market Booth Space Info

We accept new vendors based on three criteria:  products intended for sale, a vendor’s ability to display products, and our space capacity at the time.  We do not accept vendors who just want to get rid of items and are not active buyers or artists/craftspeople or are short-term vendors.  We are not a flea market and what you sell and how you display it is very important to us.  The health and wealth of our community and it’s sustainability is in direct relationship to all its members. Diversity and uniqueness is part of what makes The DTM continue to evolve and thrive.

Please read this information if you are interested in becoming a vendor and fill out the form and return to the front desk.  When we call/email you for an appointment to meet with us, please bring pictures of what you want to sell, the actual items, or a website where we can see what you make or sell.  Pictures of how you are going to display things would be helpful.

Booth space is $ 1.35/square foot. (Example: 5 Feet x 5 Feet = $33.75/month). Spaces are mostly pre-configured but can be combined or sometimes split.

You may also rent space in the front display cabinets for $ 2.50/ Square Foot plus 15% to the house.

DTM takes 15% of all sales.  15% goes to advertising and the other overhead of the market.


Lease of a booth is month to month but we expect at least a 6th month commitment. The first month’s rent or pro-rated amount if you move-in, in the middle of a month is due on the day you move in.  Thereafter, rent is deducted from your account automatically on the 15th  day of the month and represents the 1st through the end of that month.  Checks for each month’s sales will be ready on the first day of the following month.  Example: Your check for July sales minus your rent will be ready on August 1st.

What kinds of things can you sell?  Antiques, vintage, and up-cycled goods, clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, toys, tools, jewelry, home goods, cool stuff in general, Collectible items, Electronics and Geekery,  Records and Books, Crafts and crafty things you’ve made, Art, Global wares that you have hand-picked or handmade, Useful things for everyday living that are clean, colorful, and well constructed,  Products grown locally or produced in a certified kitchen, Craft supplies, fabrics and things to make other things with etc.  It is very important that each and every item in the market is priced.  Any un-priced items will be removed to the back. This entails a vendor’s participation in maintaining a clear and concise price tag as tags often are lost or are removed.  All items brought into the market must be safe for customers to handle, stable enough to be touched and also be clean and not moldy, mildewed are have any unpleasant odor.

We are open to vendors giving classes about their craft or art as well as offering services, as well as vendors (given space available)creating works in their booths.  Two vendors or more may share a booth.  Vendors may not sublet any part of their booth with anyone not a current vendor unless the owners have been consulted.

Pricing is very important in the DTM.  We are not a museum and we cater to locals as well as tourists but our regular customers pay attention to changes and new things. It is imperative that items are not placed in booths with unrealistic prices or sit for months unsold.. It is also imperative that items be discounted after a reasonable period if not removed. The health of the DTM is at stake here.

Vendors are responsible for setting up their booth.  The front desk will open locked cases in the front for customers and will hold the key. Vendors are responsible for maintaining their booths and keeping it fresh, presentable, unobstructed and safe for customers. Sale of a large piece of furniture can disrupt a booth and must be accounted for so it is a vendor’s responsibility to check in weekly at least.  Once a month-only visits are unacceptable.

Booths that are not kept clean, dust free or disorganized will be asked to leave.  If you need to go away for a while please let us know and we can arrange for someone to tend to your booth for a small fee on a limited time basis.

The absolute key to success at the DTM is turn over.  Selling things is determined first by choosing them, second by displaying them, third by pricing them, and lastly, by discounting them. Your subscription to this determines everyone’s success.

All sales must go through the front desk register. Vendors may not sell items to customers directly out of their booth, although in house trading, bartering and selling to other vendors is allowed without incurring the 15% commission.  If you break this one rule you will be asked to leave immediately.  The DTM is not responsible for theft of items, breakage or loss, although every effort is made to reduce these occurrences with surveillance cameras and DTM staff and volunteers assisting customers.

The DTM management reserves the right to terminate a vendor’s agreement if they have violated any part of the contract. We are committed to the success of this market and each vendor’s participation is the key to that. Those vendors who cannot successfully sell enough product to cover rent and progressively increase their sales to a goal of at least twice their rent will be asked to surrender their space.

Who We Are: The DTM is run by Susie Watson and Lance Hardcastle and co-created with all of its many vendors. We have 4 part-time employees. Paul, who can assist only on a limited basis with vendor needs and does maintenance and other duties, Sarah who is the cash register manager, Cheryl who also runs the register and Dezi who is the Sly Grog Bar manager.

The DTM is a great place to sell things.  We are very local and all our vendors are part of the DTM community family, which spans beyond our doors.  We have potlucks and a monthly vendor meeting in which we plan events and work out internal workings.  We connect via a yahoo group to communicate ideas and plan meetings.  Vendors are required to volunteer 4 hrs a month, which can be done in one day or in other increments. Arrangements can be made for some other mechanism of fulfilling this requirement and must be instituted by the vendor in question.  We are interested in people who know how to sell their wares, or who are willing to learn to do so..

The DTM advertises through radio and print media as well as fliers, magazines, rackcards and special events.




Name of Business





Items For Sale


Where else have you sold things in the past or currently?

Other experiences selling your items


Amount of space needed

Are you willing to volunteer for 4 hrs a month or can you provide an equal, useful service, if so, what?

Would you be interested in bartering for part of your rent for doing work for the DTM, including counter help, website updates/ social media, PR, bookkeeping or other?

If yes, tell us about which of these things you can do.


What other interests or skills would you like to bring to the table?


To send us pix or links to see the things you want to sell, or contact us about a booth:

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