It’s True…45 South French Broad has been sold…and we are happy!

The Downtown Market has finally changed hands as we all knew and anticipated that it would eventually.

It has been a long year since met with the potential new owners, and we are excited that it is a reality now and we will be staying for the long term here in the building. You can read about it in the Citizen-Times.

We had a fantastic run being able to rent from a bank and we feel that all of us that stayed in the building have been a great example of weathering a financial economic collapse creatively.   Thanks to Hi-Fi Cafe and Hopey and Company (Amazing Savings) for being awesome neighbors through out it all!  And thanks to all our amazing vendors for believing in us and sticking with us, helping to create such a cool place to shop and create community!

The Downtown Market will be moving into the north end of the building some three months from now or when that part of the renovation has been completed.  This will be a clean, well-lit space with our own entrance on the new deck that will be built at the north end of the building. This will be an exciting time to move into a gleaming new space, just in time for the most productive season of 2014.

We are never going to lose the edge, uniqueness, goofiness, or community spirit that we have become known for and we are always going to be a place that is welcoming to both locals as well as folks new to our community.  We will always maintain an ethic of putting out there, beautiful, cool, useful, creative and affordable stuff while we upgrade our overall look to better blend in with our upgraded digs.

Thank you to all our diverse and amazing customers who have encouraged us, given needed feedback and kept coming back through all our changes and growth!  Please keep telling us what you really means a lot to us all!

Lance and Susie